About the Bearded Brothers | Bearded Brothers Energy Bars
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Photo Credit: Angilee Wilkerson

We're just two brothers who are passionate about the outdoors, staying fit, and especially about healthy organic foods. We love that last one so much, we started an awesome snackfood company in March of 2011. Our bars are, raw, vegan, gluten and soy free, made with organic ingredients, and crafted in hot and sunny Austin, Texas. Oh, and everything else we make is pretty dang delicious, too.Our bars are made by our small yet mighty team of dedicated employees.

Caleb is an avid rock climber, runner, and cyclist and has a passion for raw, organic foods and saw the need for tasty organic energy bars and snacks to fuel his adventures. He is married to his beautiful wife Kristy and is a father of two children, Abigail and Joshua. Together they go on plenty of camping adventures and support Caleb through his many trail runs in the Texas Hill Country.

Chris, an outdoors lover, world traveler, avid disc golfer shares the same love for foods as fellow bearded brother, Caleb. Chris also has extensive experience in the health food/supplement industry. Chris is married to his lovely wife Kaye, and is a father of three children, Elijah, Micah, and Ezra. Chris is constantly spending time with his boys, taking them out to disc golf courses here in Austin and teaching them the ropes.

Their shared passion resulted in Bearded Brothers, A Wholesome Snack Food Company!

Crafted in small batches with love and joy in Austin, Texas.

We have partnered up with 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses that donates one percent of annual sales directly to approved environmental and sustainability nonprofit organizations. You could say we are over the moon to be a part of 1% for the Planet. We’ve always seen an importance to giving back to the community, and now we are able to do that effectively.

The nonprofit we have chosen to support is also a local Austin company,
Boneshaker. Boneshaker is an organization whose purpose is, “To inspire kids toward daily physical activity, and encourage them to lead others to pursue healthier lifestyles.” Through their community programs throughout Austin, they educate kids, and inspire them to make healthy lifestyle choices and be active. Having children and healthy lifestyles ourselves, we couldn’t think of a better nonprofit to support. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to support more nonprofits that match our vision down the road!