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Anthony Jacobs

Growing up in Texas and not being big enough for football, I had to find a hobby. I was never the fastest but I could run further than most, so I decided to give running a go. I “competed” in cross country throughout high school.


After college I picked up distance running again, predominantly on road. By chance, I got lost in a park after discovering some trails and met some local trail runners. Six months later, I entered my first ultramarathon, Bandera 100K (roughly 62 miles). It was a struggle and I was in way over my head, but I was able to finish it.


The next year and a half I focused on overall endurance on the trails, eventually entering a 50K race. This time, I ran a much smarter race and finished 3rd overall. The more I ran, my cravings and diet began to change. I craved processed, heavy foods less and less (still love doughnuts) and naturally gravitated towards healthier, nutritious options. Reading accounts of trail running legends such as Scot Jurek, I decided to change to a mostly plant based diet.


While I still eat fish occasionally, I enjoy eating raw and mindfully sourced plant-based foods. For the little over a year I’ve combined my trail running with this diet, I finished a 100 mile race and eventually won my second, Brazos Bend 100, in 15 hours and 41 minutes. Since changing my diet, I’ve not only been able to run significantly further, but my recovery time has decreased dramatically.


Often running for hours on end, it helps to have easily digestible and unprocessed energy sources such as Bearded Brothers Bars. I feel incredibly blessed to be a small part of a company committed to natural, responsibly made food with a love for the outdoors. I’ve got some big trail running plans in the future and it’s good to know I don’t have to worry about fueling them.


When running, my go to flavor is Radical Raspberry Lemon. When I want to reward myself, I’ll mix a Mighty Maca Chocolate Bar into some whole grain pancakes. Trust me on this one.


Hometown: Austin, TX!


Favorite Flavor:Radical Raspberry Lemon


Other Activities: Being outside with the dogs, reading or watching a good mystery!


Guilty Pleasure: Pancakes or Doughnuts


Favorite Trail Running Memory: First time running in the Guadalupe Mountains as the sun rose.




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