How Morning Meditation Could Be the Key to Your Happy Day




Your 6 a.m. alarm is screeching, yet again. It’s another Monday, and perhaps you’re not feeling like getting the kids out the door, going back to work, tackling client calls, and attending seemingly nonstop meetings. Morning blues are fairly common, but meditation can empower even the most anti-morning person with a happier mindset. Meditation could be the key to starting the day off on the right note and many experts agree. Here’s a guide on how you can implement it in to your morning as well: 


A Literal Happy Place

To get started with morning meditation, reserve an area of your home that you can use exclusively for relaxation and meditation. Create a calming aesthetic with cool paint hues like lavender or slate gray, or go for an energetic vibe with a bright shade of clementine. Make sure your space is cozy, and include either pillows or a mat to sit on while you meditate. Incorporate music if you desire, but make sure it can fade into the background and not steal your focus.


Create mood lighting with floor and table lamps, or position your meditation spot close to a window so you can enjoy natural sunlight and wake up your spirit. After establishing a morning meditation routine, your body and mind will naturally relax when you enter this space. It can even become a safe haven when you’re feeling stressed throughout the day.


Alleviate Preemptive Anxiety

Worried about that huge presentation? It’s common to wake up with worries about the day, feel your heart racing and predict ways you might fail before you even begin. This catastrophic thinking can wreck your mood before the day even really starts. To alleviate some of this anxiety, block out 5 to 15 minutes every morning to take time to breathe.


When you meditate, allow yourself to think freely and practice mindfulness. Using this technique, simply let each thought come to you, but refrain from judging it. This coaches the mind to be less self-critical, and it teaches you to let go of thoughts without substance—like the idea that you will inevitably fail.


Another style of meditation involves audibly or internally repeating a mantra or sound to gain focus and clear your mind of malicious thoughts. The practice will help you center yourself and take on the day with a new vigor.



Increase Your Optimism

If you’re plagued with negative thoughts and viewpoints, meditation can really turn around your perspective. Meditating promotes positivity by strengthening compassion skills that start with you. Learning to love yourself enables you to love others even more and become compassionate to their issues and struggles.


If you’re especially frustrated with a coworker or your child’s constant mood, morning meditation can help you release that negative energy, gain a new perspective, and lead to a strengthened bond with all those involved in your life.


Starting the morning off with calm and positive thoughts is just as important as a balanced breakfast. Establish your morning meditation routine and start reaping the benefits!

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