Bros Before GMOs

They say there is ‘better living through chemistry,‘ and while it was a good Fatboy Slim album, it doesn’t bode well when it comes to the future of our food. We’re talking about Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs for short. One of our favorite sites about GMOs, Institute for Responsible Technology states perfectly that: A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. Because this involves the transfer of genes, GMOs are also known as "transgenic" organisms.

In short, this isn’t good. Anytime you mess with a complex structure, such as food, you undermine the sustainability and the fact that food has been keeping us nourished for centuries without a problem. To think we can create a better crop is foolish and to use chemicals to try and better the food supply is even more foolish.

 You might have heard recent news stories about states trying to push for the labeling of GMO food, but most of them have been thwarted by commercial food manufactures whose interests lie in the production of genetically modified foods. This is a complex issue with a lot of misinformation out there; political conflict, big profits being made off gmos etc. It’s a David and Goliath sort of scenario with many small voices trying to rally together to educate the masses, use their purchasing power to take a stand, but being overpowered by the loud few with their marketing schemes, politcal ties and investments in commercial farming.


Where does Bearded Brothers stand on the issue of GMOs? We are completely against using anything from genetically modified food. All of our ingredients are either certified organic or non-gmo. To help spread the word, we are adopting a new motto: Bros Before GMOs. We are also currently in the process of getting our Non-GMO Verification.

There are many reasons to avoid GMOs and below will give better insight as to why.



It’s estimated that over 70% of processed foods use 1 or more genetically modified ingredients. Is it safe? That’s the ultimate question. We don’t think they are.

As stated before, pure food provided to us through nature should be respected and appreciated for how it supplies all our nutritional needs and has many healing benefits. To arrogantly think we can create something better or more useful has proved foolish and harmful. There are many studies showing the detrimental effects on our health from GMOs eaten over a short period of time, and since the inception of GMO foods 20 years ago, it wont be much longer and we’ll be seeing the long term effects.

Although it might be doubtful that the medical community will have the wisdom and bravery to make the connections to our obesity, reproductive, and cancer problems to GMOs. This is a new science experiment we are conducting on billions of people, a gamble we are taking and blindly trusting the mad scientist.

Over 60 countries either require labeling of GM foods or outright ban them. Even countries that struggle to get food and rely on allies to help them won’t accept GM foods for their people. This fact alone should raise reg flags within the food industry, or at least within us as individuals.


Why to Avoid

We don’t know the long term effects they can cause the body. While there have only been studies for short term effects, they don’t look good. Think about the artifical genes you are eating when consuming GMO foods, would you want to ingest these? Our bodies were made to run on the natural substances from food: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants and more. Never were foods that have been tainted with genes from bacteria, animals, or viruses meant to make you thrive, yet alone survive. Food has been helping people get well since the dawn of time, why mess with it?

Another reason to avoid GMOs, greed. Companies like Monsanto and ConAgra want to control the seed supply. Why? To monopolize the food supply and profits so we become indebted to them. They never created food, nor should they be able to claim (patent) it. It should be our God-given right to grow food and use the seeds to harvest again, over and over. With Monsanto and the likes, they want to patent the seeds and make them theirs, so we would have to purchase them. To learn a little more about this, watch Vandana Shiva an environmental activist.


Detriments to Environment

Some GMOs were created by taking chemicals that farmers usually spray on crops to prevent insects from destroying them and directly inserted into the crop itself so it can essentially grow it’s own pesticide within the plant. Turns out, insects still eat the plants, thus the farmers have to spray on more pesticides, which leads to waste run off into the soil and water supply, crop migration onto organic fields and one of the major downsides, the collapse of bees which are known to pollinate over one-third of the worlds crops.

More farmers are abandoning GMO crops too because of simple economics, stating that “they get the same yield or better and save money up front“  when growing non-GMO.

Bearded Brothers seeks to work with farmers that grow organic crops. Choosing Bearded Brothers not only creates a healthier you, but also a healthier planet. Another benefit to buying our product is that we also use compostable packaging to further protect this precious world we live on.


How to Elimate Them

There are several ways we can be sure to get rid of GMOs within our diets. First off, visit your local health food stores, co-ops or farmer’s markets and choose organic foods. If they don’t carry them, request them too. Enough people speaking up will lead to changes.

Choose foods and products made with organic ingredients. If you aren’t sure, call the companies and ask if they use organic or non-GMO ingredients. If not, then don’t eat them.

Rest assured, Bearded Brothers uses organic and non-GMO ingredients in every product we make.

Beware though, some “natural“ comapnies are owned by big corporations, meaning in the end, your purchases from these companies goes to the bottom line of corporations in support of GMO foods. Vote with your dollar. This is a brief listing of who owns what:


Odwalla Juice- Coca-Cola

Naked Juice- Pepsi

LaraBar- General Mills

Cascadian Farms- General Mills

Alexia Foods- ConAgra

Horizon- Dean Foods

Seeds of Change- M&M Mars

Bear Naked- Kellogg

Kashi- Kellogg


Here is a great chart that shows more major brands that own smaller companies, please try to avoid them at all costs.


Last, but not certainly least, switch out a bad snack for a Bearded Brothers bar! Our bars make great snacks, fuel for your next adventure or use them as a meal replacement. Also, your support of Bearded Brothers and other companies that believe in using non-GMOs go a long way in the efforts to bring healthier snacks to the world.




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