SxSw Recap

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement for Bearded Brothers. We officially began making bars the first week of March in our kitchen space located in South Austin. We were given the wonderful opportunity to pass out sample-sized bars during SxSw Interactive and Music at the Gowalla Airstream. We passed out nearly 4,000 samples over the course of the week!

Interactive was the most enjoyable experience due to the high number of Gowalla fanatics congregation around the Airstream. We met lots of cool people from all over the country and gained many new fans. The feedback was positive across the board. It was a blast hanging out with the music crowd too. Everybody that tasted the bars expressed their excitement and many people inquired about where to get them.

Now that the chaos of the SxSw festival is over we are focusing on fulfilling pre-orders and Kickstarter backer rewards. Both should start shipping by the end of the week. After we fulfill those we will begin to heavily focus on finding retail locations for our tasty energy bars. Currently, you can purchase them at Summer Moon Coffee Bar and Lift Café. You can also check our locations page to keep up with new locations as we ad them.

We are also looking for interns to help with production of bars, labeling, and promotional events such as Farmer’s Markets. If you are interested in interning with Bearded Brothers send your resume to caleb (at) Be sure to let us know why you want to work with us in the email.

Also, make sure you follow us on Twitter, and “Like” us on Facebook. You can also join our email newsletter for updates and promotional codes for website orders.

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