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Chia SeedsDo you remember the days of spreading a dark paste on an animal-shaped terracotta figurine, watching it sprout grass? How could you forget! Here’s a video to take you down memory lane!

Well, that paste was made from Chia seeds. Who knew that these seeds would grow up to be such nutritional rockstars! Primarily native to Mexico, these tiny black & white seeds have been used for centuries by the natives in Australia, Bolivia & Guatemala.

For years Americans have only associated Chia with a kitschy product, but they are actually power packed superfoods! Chia contains a host of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help us achieve optimum health. Below is a brief look at the nutrition they bring to you.  

  • The richest plant source of Omega-3’s – Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) help to fight inflammation which means you can recover quicker from your workouts, the sports you play and other physical exertion you put on your body. EFA’s also help with mood and brain function, cardiovascular and eye healtb.
  • Excellent sources of Calcium and Boron- We all know Calcium helps build strong bones, but the mineral Boron is behind the scenes helping drive the Calcium into the bones.
  • An amazing source of protein -Amino acids, a.k.a protein, are the muscle and tissue builders. Protein helps build lean muscle mass while helping burn body fat. This also helps with energy production, meaning you can go longer, quicker, higher and swifter. 
  • Loads of fiber, to get that colon rolling- Did you know we are suppose to have between 30-45grams of fiber per day, yet the average person only gets half that amount? Yikes! Fiber is needed to help remove the buildup of toxic materials in the colon, which in turn helps us to get more nutrition from the foods we eat. Fiber is also essential for healthy weight loss, blood sugar balancing, and cardiovascular health.

You can easily incorporate Chia seeds into your diet by putting them in smoothies, on salads, and in baked goods, but by far the easiest and tastiest way is to chomp a Bearded Brothers Bar! All flavors of Bearded Brothers bars are handmade with over one serving of Chia seeds, in addition to other organic, raw, nutrient dense foods. We strive to bring quality, healthy snacks to the avid outdoorsman, the busy folks grinding 9-5, kids of all ages and the busy mamas who keep us all going! Your good health is our mission! Now if only we can get them to produce a Chia Beard.




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