Our new Craft Bar line! Everything you love about our nutritious energy bars, now in delicious seasonal flavors.

Lemon Cashew
October Flavor (Coming Soon)

Be on the lookout for a new flavor coming this October!

Food bars crafted with all organic fruits, nuts and seeds.

Blueberry Vanilla Raspberry Lemon Maca Chocolate
Vanilla Pecan Coconut Mango Ginger Peach
Almond Butter Chocolate Variety Box
Cookie Dough
Chocolate Brownie
Variety Pack

Why we do what we do...

Bearded Brothers - A Wholesome Snackfood CompanyIt's hard to believe it has been a whole year since Bearded Brothers first launched. It has been an amazing adventure so far and we are confident 2012 is going to be even better, as it already has been so far. We have been overwhelmed with the positive response about our amazingly healthy and yet tasty energy bars. Every time we get out to demo our bars we are reaffirmed that we are doing something great. We can remember our first demo at the Gowalla Airstream during SxSw - nobody had heard of us, it was our debut. But, this year's SxSw demo was amazing, with many of you coming up to us and telling of how much you loved our product. We went from not being on the map, to feeling like the entire city of Austin knows about us. Not only that, but many people in the Dallas area know about us as well. Recently we have even added locations in California, Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan and North Carolina! We hope before to long we can get Bearded Brothers in stores across the nation so everyone can have easy access to truly wholesome snacks on the go.

Growing our business has been an exciting adventure. Every day presents new challenges, and all of them are fully embraced and tackled head on, because we love what we do and have a vision. We are passionate about healthy, organic foods and sustainability. That is why Bearded Brothers is all about making products with quality ingredients. We believe that a diet high in raw foods and plants is optimal. We aren't dogmatic about any particular "diet" or food trend, we just believe that making conscious choices to eat healthy, organic, sustainable foods is best for every individual and the environment. We love to hear of cyclists, climbers, runners, disc golfers, and other athletes fueling their workouts with Bearded Brothers bars. Maybe even better is when we see non-health enthusiasts loving the taste of our bars, which means they just switched their typical mid afternoon candy bar for a nutrition packed, wholesome snack. We've heard so many testimonials of kids from toddlers to teenagers begging their parent's for more bars, and while parents want to guard their stash, it makes them feel great that there kids naturally like something that is very good for them, although they have no idea!

We are passionate about creating healthy products, containing REAL wholesome ingredients. The first ingredient in all our bars is dates, a sweet sticky fruit that is the bonding agent of the bars. Then we add nuts, dried fruits and various seasonings and/or super foods. All of our ingredients are real, you can actually pronounce each and every one!  We believe that real organic food is the best source of energy you can fuel your body with.  Our bars contain both simple and complex carbs, for sustained energy. They also all contain unique medicinal benefits, such as blueberries to fight inflammation, and maca to provide energy and stamina.

As our company grows we promise to remain committed to creating quality products, made with organic ingredients. We also aspire to keep our bars hand made, but we also recognize that growing the business to a sustainable level may require some automation. We will resist highly automated processes for as long as we can, but we truly do want as many people as possible to experience quality healthy snacks that don't contain highly processed ingredients. To us this isn't just a job or a business venture, it's something we truly care about.

Chris and I have lots of ideas for products we want to launch. We are also open to your ideas as well. So feel free to shoot us an email, we read all of them personally and do our best to reply to every single one. Bearded Brothers isn't a faceless corporation as you likely already know. Instead we are a couple of honest, hard working guys with wives, children, and babies on the way! We love to hear your feedback and look forward to meeting the needs of our fans! 




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