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Hey sugar, lets clear up the high sugar myth

 Date Palms at Oasis Date Gardens
Date palms at Oasis Date Gardens in Thermal California. This is where we get our amazingly sweet dates that are the base of every bar!

Interesting Facts About Dates (the "sugar" content in our bars)

  • Dates are highly nutritional and considered by many to be one of natures most perfect foods
  • Date palms cover 3% of the earth’s cultivated surface. Four million tons are grown annually.
  • The date palm is the national symbol for Israel and Saudi Arabia, representing vitality and growth.
  • A date pit almost 2000 years old was recently sprouted by Israeli researchers. An ancient variety thought to be extinct is back.
  • Bedouin tribes of the Middle East, who eat a high percentage of dates in their diet, have one of the lowest rates of cancer.
  • The date palm is a very salt tolerant tree and will grow well in alkaline soils where other plants will not. They are sometimes irrigated with ocean water.
  • Date palms are like giant solar collectors. They require at least 100 sunny days of 100 degrees for best fruit production. Over the 7 month growing season, which includes Summer, they store the intense energy of the desert in their fruit.
  • Survival into the next decade. In these uncertain times it's not a bad idea to have a little extra food around. The high calories and excellent nutritional value plus their ability to keep well for long periods of time make them great for emergency food rations.

The truth about the sugar content in Bearded Brothers bars....

Let’s face it, we like sweets……..wait…….we love sweets. Sugar makes things taste good, but there comes a price with consuming too much sugar. To clairify, I’m speaking about the bad sugar, the high fructose corn syrup, refined white sugar and even artificial sugars like aspartame and sucralose. These sugars can do much damage to your body and health.

Here at Bearded Brothers, we take into consideration your health (and our own families) when we make our delicious snacks. Using only the freshest and organic ingredients, with minimal processing, we take into account what goes into your body because ultimately, we want you to get the best nutrition possible, plus, we eat them too!!

A question that comes up fairly often is the amount of sugar our bars contain. Once people read the label, they automatically think it’s bad sugar. Well, fear not Bearded Brothers fans, our bars contain sugar from whole blended dates, a healthy nutritious fruit. In a publication by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, they state:"In most varieties the sugar content of the date fruit is almost entirely of the inverted form (namely glucose or fructose}. The invert sugar in dates is immediately absorbed by the human body without being subject to the digestion that ordinary sugar goes through....Their energy is in the form of invert sugars.

When reading labels, there are several things to look into. First and foremost are the ingredients. Obviously if you can’t pronounce them, or they aren’t real food, then step away. Second, check to see if they are organic, if so, proceed onward. After this, people tend to look at what interests them, i.e. carbs, sugars, calories, etc. In the Bearded Brothers bars, the sugars can seem a little high to some, which makes the carbs seem high as well, and this is all due to the whole dates. Remember, they won’t impact your blood sugar levels too much since they are the inverted form, read: quickly absorbed and used as fuel. For athletes like us, the way the dates help release instant yet sustained energy is quite a blessing, in addition to the fiber and protein of the bars keeping us full and going strong.

Also, instead of boring you with technical data and the impact of sugar, there is a simple way that can help understand how much a food product will affect your blood sugar levels. Take the total amount of sugar in a product and minus the protein, fiber and fats. This will leave you with a number to base the sugars off of. Since the protein, fiber and fats help block the sugar from absorbing into the bloodstream, the amount of sugars listed on the label won’t be the overall picture.

For example, an apple has a slower rate of glucose absorption than a 6 oz. serving of apple juice. The fiber acts as a means of weakening the carbohydrate spike in the blood, thus slowing it down. The apple juice has its fiber content removed completely so its is absorbed quickly by the blood. Eating a whole date with all of its healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals has a much different impact on the body than eating that same amount of refined sugar.

At the Bearded Brothers HQ, we work hard to supply you with snacks you don’t have to second guess if they are healthy……just know they are! We know the differences between good and bad sugars and fats, and value high quality plant based proteins and beneficial fiber to help keep the body full, flowing and vibrant. Created by Bearded Brothers who personally want to eat the tastiest and healthiest snacks on the planet and develop nutritionally sound snacks with you in mind.




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