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Lemon Cashew
October Flavor (Coming Soon)

Be on the lookout for a new flavor coming this October!

Food bars crafted with all organic fruits, nuts and seeds.

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Growing business and babies


The Bearded Brothers family is growing!

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year and a half since we launched Bearded Brothers. Through YOUR help, we have grown A LOT over that time. It has been what many would be call, “slow growth”. But so far we have done this without the help of outside investors, aside from our initial Kickstarter project (wish we could re-shoot that video ;) that brought in a majority of the funds used to launch Bearded Brothers.

Recently (as you probably have noticed) we launched our new website, that several of our supportive friends help make possible. We also released a video about us that was created a few months ago. Even since we have made that video a lot has changed. We have grown from just Chris and I, to a team of four individuals, working hard and growing this quickly growing, bootstrapped company. The website, the video, and growth of our team are just a few examples of the amazing amount of support we have received.

Even in our early stages, before we had over 75 retail locations, friends and family showed us support beyond what we could ever imagine. Now, those same people, along with thousands of new fans have joined in the support of Bearded Brothers. Before our Kickstarter campaign even rose funding we had support from friends, CEO’s, artists, strangers, and family. All of which have been key contributors to our success.

The support we have valued the most, though, has been the support we have received from our wives. They have put up with us working multiple jobs, long hours, or in my case (Caleb) devoting full time to getting the business off the ground. Not only have they put up with our crazy dream, they were both responsible for the name “Bearded Brothers!” Both our wives came up with the idea on the same night, but in different locations; It was at that point we knew we had the perfect name for our new business.

So, if you haven’t quite figured it out yet, Caleb and Chris are “brother-in-laws”.  We get asked a lot if we are actually brothers, so there you have it! Our families are very close though, and we intend to keep the company family owned so that we can share this with our future generations. In fact Caleb and Chris both are expecting children in the VERY near future. For Chris this will be his second son, and for Caleb, it will be his first child (a girl). *The above photo is of our pregnant wives during a recent photo shoot!

Bearded Brothers is a huge labor of love for both Caleb and Chris. Not only for the reason of sharing healthy organic snacks with the masses, but for reasons of family. We desire to support our loving wives, and children, and to have something to pass onto them when they are old enough, all while loving what we love!

We have felt tremendously blessed over the past year and a half and look forward to future growth. This whole experience has been a huge challenge, but it has also been a blast and we have enjoyed connecting with so many people throughout the process. We feel like we have a second family in all our supportive fans!

As for future growth plans, it’s hard to say for sure what will happen. We still plan on launching seasoned nuts (as stated in our Kickstarter project), a nut free bar, and a variety of other healthy snacks. But, we are going about this through “slow growth”, but we feel it’s the right way to do things. So, expect big things from the Bearded Brothers, and please don’t hesitate to provide us feedback and tell us what healthy snacks you would like to see us create.




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