My oh my, maca - benefits of maca root

Heart Shaped MacaBearded Brothers ingredient spotlight this month is the Peruvian Ginseng, also known as Maca which is found in our Mighty Maca Chocolate bar. Growing high in the Andean plateaus with altitudes between nine to eleven thousand feet, no other food plant can grow at these altitudes with poor rocky soil, fierce winds, temperatures below freezing and intensive sunlight known to the region. This cruciferous root vegetable tastes similar to chicory root which helps it to blend well with chocolate. It belongs to the same botanical family as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and turnip. Resembling a large radish or beet, this treasure, favored by primitive cultures for over 2,000 years is cultivated from mountainous volcanic soil for its mineral rich, nutrient dense power.

There were two main reasons why the Bearded Brothers wanted to specifically use this product within a bar. The first being it’s adaptogenic properties, which essentially means helping the body cope with stress better; physically, mentally and emotionally. We know for ourselves that the stresses of life take their toll on the body. The pressures of training and competing in athletics and the emotional factors people face everyday require peak nutrition- this is where Bearded Brothers helps in addition to exercise, clean water and plenty of rest.

The second reason might come as a surprise, but aside from being adaptogenic, Maca is also an aphrodisiac. Should we say more? It has been known throughout the natural health industry that Maca gives you more sexual vigor and stamina. You could think of it as a natural, yet subtle Viagra. There have been some studies that in men, Maca increases sperm production and mobility and for women, Maca has continued to impress by boosting fertility!

So, not only does Maca help with physical and mental efforts you put forth, but also gives you more sexual desire, health and stamina. Another benefit of Mighty Maca Chocolate is the quality of chocolate, 100% raw cacao, no artificial ingredients or processing and full of minerals. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. Since it’s Valentine’s, make sure to scoop up a case or two of Mighty Maca Chocolate and share with the ones you love. They are on sale this month at 20% off! Just use coupon code "macalove", and receive 20% off when you order one or more cases of Mighty Maca Chocolate!


A Mighty Maca Chocolate treat: Blend fresh raspberries with sweetener of choice to make a colorful and delicious sauce. Warm up the bar to at least 115°, drizzle sauce on top and garnish with fresh berries. Enjoy! 

 Want to know more about Maca? Here’s some nutritional information on this powerful veggie:

 Because of the incredibly high mineral content and the high altitudes, Maca is traditionally grown without pesticides, fungicides and chemicals. Maca also has a high nutritional profile containing micro and macro nutrients, with incredibly high levels of Potassium, Calcium (higher than milk) and Phosphorus. Favorably tipping the scales with significant amounts of trace minerals, including Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Silica and a host of more trace minerals, this is the nutritional treasure the body desperately needs. Additionally, Maca also contains vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, sterols and almost sixty different phytonutrients which are most likely to be responsible for Maca’s benefits.

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