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Are Bearded Brothers Bars Paleo and Whole30 Approved?

Paleo Whole30 Energy Bars

The short answer to this question is yes, but here are a few things you should know.


While our bars are technically Whole30 compliant, they are not officially approved by the Whole30 brand. Our Mega Maca Chocolate bar is the only one that does not qualify because it has added coconut sugar, the rest of our lineup has no added sugars of any kind.


Bearded Brothers bars are free from: added sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, soy, and gluten. Thus making them a perfect Paleo & Whole30 snack. If you are using them during your Whole30, keep in mind they should be consumed in moderation.


Both the Whole30 and Paleo diets emphasize eating “real whole foods,” and that is exactly what Bearded Brothers bars are! Each bar averages 7 ingredients, and are made from a base of dates, figs, and nuts (except for our nut-free bar Raspberry Lemon, which uses hemp seeds).


We also put heavy emphasis on finding quality ingredients. We don’t just look for the cheapest ingredient to improve our margins. We source only the best tasting certified organic fruit, nuts, and seasoning for our bars.


Paleo also puts significant emphasis on eating organic, and all of our bars are USDA Organic. So you are getting the cleanest energy bar on the market. The Cornucopia Institute recently rated us the number one quality bar out of the ENTIRE energy bar industry.


With Bearded Brothers bars you are getting a healthy dose of fruit and nuts, and none of the bad stuff. Each bar also contains a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds, and also contains its own powerful super foods, such as: maca, blueberries, coconut shreds, ginger, and hemp seeds.


If you are trying our bars for the first time, you might want to start with our Paleo Friendly Variety Case. Whole30 dieters might want to try one of the following: Blueberry Vanilla, Coconut Mango, Raspberry Lemon, or Ginger Peach. We also offer them in packs of 4, so you can mix and match to create your own 12 pack.







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