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Bearded Brothers relaunches bars with new packaging

We have been hard at work over the past year brewing up some amazing changes.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new packaging and newly updated recipes! Along with the new packaging comes a huge price drop. The bars now have a suggested retail of $2.79 per bar!


The new packaging makes identifying your favorite flavor from afar much easier. The strong color breaks and bold lettering highlight the flavor names, and will help the products stand out on the shelf.


So, what are the big changes with the recipes? Don’t worry we didn’t do anything crazy, we only made things better. The entire lineup is now USDA Organic, paleo-friendly, and we cleaned up the ingredients in several of the flavors. Below is a list of the changes we have made.


Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla.

We ditched the rice protein, pectin, and stevia and replaced it with raw ground vanilla. The bar now tastes like a vanilla ice-cream cone. It’s SOOO delicious. You are sure to enjoy this updated recipe. AND, now USDA Organic.


Radical Raspberry Lemon

Bye-bye, alcohol taste! We ditched the liquid lemon extract in favor of an alcohol-free, freeze-dried extract. The end result is a much cleaner flavor and a perfect balance of raspberry and lemon taste. Even the sunflower seed butter stand out more now!


Mighty Maca Chocolate

This flavor is also now USDA Organic as well. We custom formulated our own Mexican Cocoa, and now use Red Ape Cinnamon in the bar. There is also a slightly more distinct chocolate taste as well.


Outrageous Orange Kale

Sorry guys…we had to discontinue this one. We got a little weird when we created this one and sales just weren’t strong enough to justify continued production of this product. You can certainly expect a replacement flavor sometime in the future.


Fabulous Ginger Peach

It still has that STRONG ginger punch you are used to, but now derived from a freeze-dried extract. This will help the bar stay fresh longer.


In addition to the recipe changes, we have gone to a cold pressed production process that eliminates the dehydration process. The end result is an even softer, chewier bar!


A Brief Note on Compostable Packaging

We unfortunately had to take a step back from using compostable packaging. To make a long complicated story short: the packaging did not seal properly and was causing shelf life issues with our product. We are, however, on the hunt for a new material and hope to continue leading the industry with the use of compostable packaging.







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