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Please Accept Our Apologies

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dear Customers & Retailers,

We wanted to take a moment to apologize for the recent discrepancy in consistency and quality in some of our bars. We recently brought on a manufacturing partner to help us make the bars. We did this in order to keep up with demand. The result has not met our high standards. Some issues have been: mixtures of the bars not to our specifications (resulting in bars not tasting right), partially opened packages, and pit pieces in certain bars due to the manufacturer using unauthorized almonds.

Just one of these issues alone does not meet our high quality standards, so we have decided to bring our production back in-house until we can find a reliable manufacturing partner to help us make the bars.  We are a small, family run business with desire to grow and expand distribution. Unfortunately, this partner choice was a mistake. 

We sincerely apologize if you came across a bar in the past couple months that was not something you are used to. We thank all of you that have sent us your feedback about the changes (most of these changes were unexpected and unacceptable). And we look forward to hearing from you more.

Starting May 22nd, the production of all Bearded Brothers bars will be back in our hands, and you will start seeing the high quality products you are used to once again. 

The quality control of our partner manufacturer was quite disappointing, but we are super happy that we are in a position to take control again. Thanks so much for your patience in this matter, we greatly appreciate your business. Our priority has always been to put out a quality product and anything less is not a compromise we are willing to make. We value your support and truly could not do this without you.  Mistakes are inevitable and we are working tirelessly to rectify this one.

And again, we are sincerely sorry for any bad experience you may have had during the time we were working with the co-manufacturer.


Thank you for sticking with us and for your continued support.



The Bearded Brothers

Caleb & Chris




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