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The highest quality of ingredients, no added sugars and minimal processing - that’s how we do things. All of our bars are made with the finest and highest quality ingredients we could find. We literally taste every ingredient we source to make sure it’s of superior quality.

All of our bars are both USDA Organic and Verified Non-GMO. You’re welcome.

Organic Certified, Non-GMO certified, One Percent for the Planet
Organic! Gluten Free! Vegan! Energy! Soy Free! Raw!

Carefully Crafted

A low heat dehydration process of 115 degrees or below allows our raw ingredients to be jam packed with their original nutrients. That’s right, raw ingredients. Most of the goods that go into making our bars are in fact, raw. Whether it’s kale, blueberries, hemp seeds, coconut shreds, or maca, each bar features a super food to help you power through your day. In addition, our bars all include 270mg of chia seeds.

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