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Finding a truly healthy snack can be an overwhelming task!

So we create tasty, organic nutrition bars with ingredients straight from nature; giving you peace of mind that you are feeding your body the very best.

Hear What the Pros Have to Say

Karen Wang

PCT Through Hiker

My favorite bros flavor is coconut mango on the trail. It's so tiny and compact yet has lots of calories per ounce that I need to fuel me for my morning climbs. I usually have one in the late afternoon if I need extra energy to make the push to camp.

Mark Rafferty


Pushing through physically demanding challenges Bearded Brothers fuel the necessary energy I need to send my projects. From the rivers to the highest peaks, I always bring a handful of Bearded Brothers bars in my pack. Filled mostly with Blueberry Vanilla or Coconut Mango.

Michael Wardian

World Record Endurance Athlete

I love Bearded Brothers bars because they taste superb and are made with real ingredients that are imaginatively crafted together. I fuel with them before, during and after my marathon and ultra marathon events. I always travel with at least two in my pack to ensure I have something good to eat no matter where I am.

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