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Most Googled Questions

 Answering Your Most Google'd Questions

Are energy bars healthy?


Let’s ask a nutritionist! Dr. Helen Mullen, a certified dietitian nutritionist, wrote this for  Health Matters 


“What’s a good rule of thumb when choosing an energy bar? The fewer ingredients on the label, the better. The more additives you see — particularly excess sugar alcohols (sorbitol, xylitol), which can cause gastric distress — the less likely the bar is to deserve the “healthy” moniker. Palm oils, soy protein isolate and so-called natural flavors are also red flags. Instead, reach for a bar with fewer ingredients and make sure you recognize them and can pronounce them. Think: nuts, raisins, seeds, honey or even dark chocolate.”


Are energy bars good before a workout?


Yes! Eating an energy bar within 40 minutes to an hour before your workout or activity has been proven to increase both your stamina and endurance. The natural ingredients used in our bars are packed ith natural sugars, proteins, and fats to fuel any activity you put them through!


Are energy bars good for breakfast?


Noting beats a balanced breakfast and our bars were not made to be a “meal replacement” however, if you are in need of a breakfast and thinking about skipping check out our article on  why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Are energy bars and protein bars the same thing?


No, our energy bars have no added protein, the protein content comes from the natural ingredients we use in our bars. Protein bars typically have a lot of added sugars or artificial ingredients to cover for the addition of a protein powder source in the ingredient list. 


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