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Real Food

Real food bars to feel good about.

Here is what you get from Bearded Brothers® bars: clean, simple, organic, truly delicious. We use the “good stuff” so you can feel good about what you’re eating. Our pride is found in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and crafting a great tasting product. On top of that, our bars are:

USDA Organic

Certified Gluten Free

Non-GMO Project Verified

Plant Based & Certified Vegan

Certified Kosher

Soy Free

No Added Sugars

Low Glycemic


Good Source of Omega 3s & Fiber

Maca Chocolate incl. 1g coconut sugar

Organic Nuts. Organic Seeds. Organic Fruits. That's it.

Superior ingredients. Superior taste.

From California, to Oregon, to the Midwest, we work directly with U.S.-based family farms to source the best organic ingredients we can find. We only use simple ingredients like nuts, fruits, and seeds that provide healthy nutrition, and never use artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives. With these superior ingredients we focus on creating flavors that give you that burst of flavor and enjoyment you deserve when downing our bars.

Made in-house in Austin, TX.

Since the beginning, we have always handcrafted our bars in our own kitchen. We think the best way to guarantee that what goes out the door really is best in class is to make sure it’s done right, by those that care the most. We’re meticulous and dedicated to ensure that every bar packaged is given the care necessary to give our customers an experience worth enjoying.




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