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The Evolution of Bearded Brothers Organic Energy Bars

Organic energy to fuel the everyday adventure.

Our organic energy bars exist because there used to be nothing like them.

Even in 2011, when we started, there were SO many bars, but the problem was we didn’t see anything that satisfied our desire for a truly clean, all organic, and actually delicious snack experience. Thus, Bearded Brothers® was hatched.

We started with two brothers wanting something more, something they felt good about eating and sharing with friends and family…an organic energy bar chock full of nutrients you want inside your body.

Even as we’ve grown, our roots have stayed the same:

Only use the highest quality organic ingredients, keep it simple, and make sure it’s done right. We are a family owned and operated company in Austin, TX. We have our own commercial kitchen and hand craft every bar; we do not outsource to a co-packer, which many other bar brands do. This gives us control over every step of our bars journey to you, ensuring superior quality and care along the way. By sourcing largely direct from U.S.-based family farms and by handcrafting all of our organic energy bars in house, we aim to provide customers with simply the best quality bar on the market. And it's not just us that think we have something special; in reviewing 100+ bars, The Cornucopia Institute ranked our bar among the best on the entire market :).

In the end, our story is on the back of our packaging and inside of each energy bar…read our ingredient lines and try the organic energy bars for yourself!