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New Year New Me!

Achieve Your New Years Resolutions


Each year has a feeling of fresh starts, this opens up the mind to the possibilities of change, these temporal landmarks can motive a lot of different aspirational behaviors such as changes in diet, exercise, financial decisions or even mindfulness. 

While many make these resolutions few stick to them, in fact only 12% of people, surveyed by Wiseman Group, said they felt as though they had made a lasting change in their lives after committing to a New Years resolution. 

Kendra Cherry has 10 tips for keeping to your New Years resolutions, here are our favorites:

Choose a Specific Goal

Instead of leaning on ambiguity with resolutions like, “get more sleep”, “lose weight”, or “be more productive” get specific with your goals. Choosing a concrete and achievable goal gives you an opportunity to detail a plan of action and visualize what it will take for you to achieve your goal.

Start With Small Steps

If your goal is to get 2 more hours of sleep every night, you may try an approach of getting into bed 15 minutes earlier each night, giving yourself time to adapt to the new sleep schedule and move around activities that used to occupy that space in your routine. This also allows for smaller setbacks if you miss a night or two along the way. 

Renew Your Motivation

You aren't going to be motivated for change all year long, setup a check-in with yourself at least once a month to reflect on why you wanted to make the change in the first place. Write a note to your future self today about why you are making the change, be detailed, this will be fun to reflect on as you make progress. 

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