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Food bars crafted with all organic fruits, nuts and seeds.

Blueberry Vanilla Raspberry Lemon Maca Chocolate
Vanilla Pecan Coconut Mango Ginger Peach
Almond Butter Chocolate Variety Box

Variety Pack/Case

Not sure what flavor to purchase? Try them all!

Sold in 4 options:
5 Bar Sampler Pack:
 1 each of our Original 5 flavors. (Ginger Peach, Coconut Mango, Blueberry, Raspberry Lemon, & Maca Chocolate)

7 Bar Pack:  1 each of ALL 7 Flavors. (Original 5 + Almond Butter & Vanilla Pecan)

12 bar Variety Case:  2 Coconut Mango, 2 Ginger Peach, 2 Blueberry Vanilla, 3 Raspberry Lemon and 3 Maca Chocolate

24 bar Family Pack:  
Get 2 of our 12 bar Variety Cases for 5% less cost

NOTE: The product case shipped may not be the one displayed here.


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